The return of blasphemy, by Jacques-Alain Miller


return of blasphemy

Jacques-Alain Miller

by Patrick Pouyaud

français –


is said: ‘ they are barbarians. ‘ without doubt. However, this terrorism – there
is no blind, he has the eyes open, it is Targeted. It is also not mute. He
shouts: We have avenged the prophet mohammed! ‘


imagined at the end of the last century that concepts such as blasphemy,
sacrilege, sacrilege Were that the remains of the time spent. There is nothing.
We must find that the age of science has not done faint the meaning Of the
sacred ; that the sacred is not a archaism. Without doubt is – it nothing real.
It is a fact of speech, a fiction, but the one that makes hold together the
signs of A community, the cornerstone of his order symbolic. The sacred requires
reverence and respect. Otherwise it is chaos. Then socrates is invited to drink
hemlock. Nowhere, never, ever since he got men and who speak, it Was lawful to


in psychoanalysis, very special experience, explosive, which is only in its
infancy . except in the united states, but freedom of speech guaranteed by the
constitution is there Bounded by a particular sense of decency. That is the way
that the vast majority of the press abstained from reproduce the mohammed
cartoons Out of respect for the ‘ great suffering ‘ muslims. Same principle for
the ‘ politically correct ‘. The affect painful pointed out that the libido is
at stake here. If the sacred is not real, enjoyment, there is a microcosm of,
it, the ‘ is. The sacred mobilizes ecstasies and wrath. We kill and die for him.
A psychoanalyst knows what is when we chatouille in others the ‘ impossible – to
– bear ‘ ( lacan ). That is why baudelaire quote bossuet, ‘ the wise do not itl
that in tremblant ‘, And assigns the comic an origin diabolical. Or, what was
the largest operator of lights, otherwise the laugh? Maistre speaks of the ‘
rictus ‘ of voltaire, musset of his ‘ hideous smile ‘. The doctrines of the
tradition were not refuted, note leo strauss, but hunted by the


hebdo was among us as the butte – witness to this derision founder. Cabu, charb,
tignoux, wolinski, were not promised to living with the knight of the Bar. Since
1825, no one has ever attempted in us to restore a blasphemy law . how are they
come to perish in martyrs of the freedom of the press? Is that of the universe
of speech once separated and seal, now communicate. They are even intertwined,
so that the sacred of one and the ‘ nothing sacred ‘ On the other are the
opposite. Except to rewind the film of modern times in deporting alien
everywhere, the subject – matter of life Or death – will be whether the taste of
laughter, the right to make a fool of, the Disrespect iconoclaste, are also key
to our way to enjoy that is the submission to the One in islamic


to the legal debate, it is complex, and now works all the western democracies (
see In this regard the sum published there are three months by the university of
california, profane: Sacrilegious expression in a multicultural world ). Every
year since 1999, we are negotiating at the united nations on the subject,
Initiative of the organization of the islamic cooperation in germany, austria,
in ireland, Laws prohibit the violations of the sacred. The united kingdom
waited 2008 to stop protecting the church of england of blasphemy. France is
distinguished by the rigour of his doctrine secular. For how long? This is not
writing. Hey, france! Your coffee fout the camp. What do you want the most
really? Conflict or compromise?

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