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Note on an Analytical Experience of Urgency

Daniel V. Kjer

From d to D. Not from desire to drive, but from the jouissance of a dandy, via the fall of object a as semblant i(a) and the concomitant explosion of unfathomable anxiety, to the reintroduction of lack as cause of desire: the resurgence or re-urgence of ”D” as le signifiant quelconque, allowing for the reconstitution of the signifying chain which, at this moment of urgency in my analysis, had been broken by the traumatic impact of a symptom no longer working, the iconoclasm of i(a). My case was made for an immense confusion and crisis engendered by the failure of my love life, hence the dawning inefficacy of that symptom—a woman named ”F” as in Father—which had heretofore served as the anchoring of the symbolic nexus of my life: woman is one of the Names-of-the-Father. However, woman is also man’s symptom, the fantasmatic image of a figure from which to derive jouissance at the expense of desire. My way out of this crisis, and the state of anxiety that accompanied it, came to the fore by way of an instant of punctuation or intervention on the part of my analyst, who simply, surprisingly but all the more powerfully uttered ”D” at a moment where my desire was to find its feet anew. At this decisive moment in my analysis, I found that there was no signifier to fall back on, no backdrop for my desire to be constituted in the locus of the Other, calling for the urgency of my analysts intervention. ”D” simply became that signifier—my proper name—on which to stabilise the signifying chain anew, allowing me to continue analysis and the exploration of new directions of life.





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