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Going towards the Tel Aviv Congress! 

Patricia Tassara

“You were born so fast!” she always told me. “If we spent any time between the first bottle and the second, you started crying and didn’t want to be feed any more. So we gave you the second bottle immediately!” The encounter of language with the body is always untimely, too early or too late, it’s never the right time. And this mark will determine the way the subject will experience or symptomatize the relationship with time. The subject’s mode of jouissance is twisted with time and that gives a style.

In my case, the anxiety of motherhood (I was pregnant) produced the subjective urgency to go to analysis. It shook the identification with “being a mother,” used since adolescence after the birth of two small brothers. This identification was perfect to cover the enigma of the parlêtre’s spring awakening and the flowering of the enigmatic feminine jouissance.

Lacanian analysis deals with a time that ex-sists in relation to chronological time, and with the cut of the session, punctuations and scansions, it aims at the real. Precipitation was a symptomatic way to cancel the time for understanding, with the price of suffering its consequence.

Anxiety about the feminine was the final declension of analysis. The feminine is the point of maximum heterogeneity and contingent for both sexes. But although it is impossible to say, it is transmitted, for example, on the basis of a body event or in the resonating chamber constituted by the cartel of the pass with an Analyst of the School.

Now, I can wait for contingency, which always arrives, but without expecting anything – let’s say, without any previous knowledge or fictional coverings. 

Now, the parlêtre is pushed forward! Towards the Schools of the WAP, its events, and also towards writing. The sinthome goes forward with a quick style, in a solitude that encounters other solitudes in the Schools. It’s a new satisfaction that pushes, maybe in the Real of time. A libidinal time, linked to the trou-matism of lalangue.
And so, I’ll see you in Tel Aviv!





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