TUCHÉ : “Fixierung & Wiederholung”

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"The subject is happy-go-lucky (heureux) (…) Any piece of luck is good as something to maintain him, insofar as it repeats itself" 
— Television, Norton, 22


Nos collègues germanophones de l'Initiative Berlin (LOB) et l'initiative Vienna (NLF) ont formé des cartels et se sont plongés dans les 'Gesammelten Werken' de Freud à la recherche des concepts de "fixation" et de "répétition".
Vous les retrouverez dans le rubrique 'Orientation'
La référence aux G.W. devrait permettre de retrouver la place et le contexte de la citation dans les traductions de l'oeuvre de Freud en français et anglais.

Our German-speaking colleagues from the Berlin Initiative (LOB) and the Vienna Initiative (NLF) formed cartels and delved into Freud's 'Gesammelten Werken' in search of the concepts of 'fixation' and 'repetition'.
You will find them in the 'Orientation' section.
The reference to the G.W. should make it possible to find the place and context of the quotation in the translations of Freud's work in French and English .

Freud’s Fixierung and the real
Avi Rybnicki

“It may further be assumed that it was her horror at the noise produced against her will that made the moment a traumatic one, and fixed the noise itself as a somatic mnemic symptom of the whole scene.” 

In his ‘Return to Freud’ Lacan argued and proved again and again that the post-Freudians turned their back to what was essential for the Freudian invention, his ethics, the ‘bone’ of the Freudian Ding. (…)


The accidental in Freud's repetition
Sarah Birgani

"We may make use of a rule, discovered empirically, which recommends us to get the dreamer to tell us his dream once more. In doing so, he usually alters his modes of expression in some parts of it while repeating the rest accurately. The points at which his reproduction is defective owing to changes, and often owing to omissions as well, are the points which we fasten upon, because the inaccuracy guarantees a connection with the complex and promises the best approach to the secret meaning of the dream".

In German Wiederholung literally means to fetch (holen) something again (wieder). What shimmers through in this formulation is the idea, that there is something there to reach again – again in the same way. Thus, the new, the accidental, that part of repetition, which Lacan calls in Seminar XI Tyche, the encounter with the real, is not inscribed in the German word Wiederholung. (…)


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