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"The subject is happy-go-lucky (heureux) (…) Any piece of luck is good as something to maintain him, insofar as it repeats itself" 
— Lacan, Television, W.W. Norton, 22

With this first Newsletter TUCHÉ, we have the pleasure of announcing the opening of the Blog of the 2022 NLS Congress.


The next NLS Congress will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2022 in Lausanne under the title Fixation and Repetition. On the blog, you will find the argument written by Alexandre Stevens, fundamental references from Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, Jacques-Alain Miller, Éric Laurent and other colleagues of the WAP, as well as contributions from members of the NLS. In addition, an overview of the publications available in the congress bookshop and practical information is included.

And of course: your contributions! We invite you to write a text, in French or English. Texts must follow the recommendations below for its writing, which are also strict conditions for its eligibility for the blog.

The Blog, with its Newsletter TUCHÉ, will present different sections, in addition to the elaborations of Analysts of the School as to what has made fixation and repetition in their own cure.

Here are the sections, which are more indicative than prescriptive:

OUR READING: a reference presented and commented on;

 STOP: what has made the image stop, the word stop, jouissance stop in the analytical clinic (no case history as such please) and in the social field;

– ENCORE: in what symptomatic forms does this call, this cry, arise? Why, for whom, this insistence? 

KNOW-HOW: from the comedy of repetition to serial music, what is this satisfaction that the artist offers us? What is the price?

Answer to Els Van Compernolle, NLS secretariat: e.vancompernolle@gmail.com

Looking forward to your reply.   

Kind regards,

Alexandre Stevens, President of the NLS
Daniel Roy, Vice-president of the NLS

René Raggenbass, co-director of the Congress Organisation
Els Van Compernolle and Ruzanna Hakobyan, NLS secretariat
And the team of the blog



  • Title of the email: Text proposal for the 2022 blog
  • Texts should not exceed 2500 characters including spaces
  • Word Document, Times New Roman, size 12
  • Please indicate your choice for one of the sections
  • All references should be footnoted
  • Follow the habitual format to establish your references. Click here for more information
  • In your references and quotes, use the official editions and versions of the original text as much as possible
  • Use official translations for your references and quotes. For English translations of texts by Lacan and Miller, see the NLS website: https://www.amp-nls.org/orientation
  • If English or French is not your mother tongue, try to have your text proofread by an English or French speaker




Fundamental references to S. Freud, J. Lacan, J.-A. Miller, É. Laurent and others

Practical information

Useful information for your stay in Lausanne


Preview of the publications for sale at the congress bookshop


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