This 10th volume in the Scilicet series is part of the preparatory work for the XIVth Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis on the theme “Everyone is Mad”.

It contains more than one hundred texts, exploring various aspects of this theme, each one the product of the work in a cartel by members of the Schools making up the World Association.

The volume also carries Lacan’s text “Lacan For Vincennes!” in which this provocative assertion can be found and a text by Jacques-Alain Miller elaborating some of the implications of this aphorism for the contemporary psychoanalytic clinic.

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Preface, Christiane Alberti 

“Everyone Is Mad”, Jacques-Alain Miller 

Lacan For Vincennes!, Jacques Lacan 

Introduction, Ligia Gorini & Gil Caroz 


I. Reason Since Freud

Presentation, Marcela Almanza, plus-one (NELcf)

The Remainder Stripped of Meaning, Beatriz Gonzalez-Renou (ECF)

Why Freud?, Carolina Rovere (EOL)

The Depathologisation of Delusion since Freud, Dora Pertesi (NLS)

The Nonsensical, Jazmin Torregiani (EOL)


II. Generalised Foreclosure

Presentation, Roberto Cavasola, plus-one (SLP)

From Restricted to Generalised Foreclosure, Laura Arciniegas (NELcf)

Generalised Foreclosure and the Untranslatable, María Eugenia Cora (EOL)

Multiplicity of Jouissances and Segregation, Neus Carbonell (NLS)

Cancel Time, Jeffrey Erbe (NLS)


III. Body and Lalangue

Presentation, Ivana Bristiel, plus-one (EOL)

There is No Sexual Relation among Speaking Bodies –

There is Lalangue, Marie Hélène Brousse (ECF)

Common Task, Singular Use, Fabiola Ramon (EBP)

The Phobic Symptom: Coalescence Between Jouissance

and Language, Ma Antonia De Miguel (ELP)

Adoration of the Body, Delusion and Real, Gustavo Moreno (EOL)


IV. The Sense of Life

Presentation, Carmen Cuñat, plus-one (ELP)

At the Juncture of Life, Dominique Corpelet (ECF)

The Most Intimate of Life, Alejandra Loray (EOL)

Life and Meaning, Mariela Vitto (NLS)

The Senti-ment of Life, Cécile Wojnarowski (ECF)


V. Modalities of Supplementation and Sinthome

Presentation, Blanca Sánchez, plus-one (EOL)

The Sinthome as Supplementation, Dominique Holvoet (ECF)

The Sinthome is a System, Christel Van den Eeden (NLS)

Pizarnik: The Poem as Wound, Claudine Foos (ELP)


VI. The Autism of the Subject

Presentation, Jean-Daniel Matet, plus-one (ECF)

The Same and the Different:

On Iterative Re-edition in Autism, Gustavo Slatopolsky (EOL)

The Native Autism of the Subject, Jérôme Lecaux (ECF)

The Autism of the Subject, from the One to the Bond, Marcia Zucchi (EBP)

What do we Know about Speech before Language?, Sabina Serniotti (EOL)


VII. Delusion and Knowledge

Presentation, Angélica Bastos, plus-one (EBP)

Generalised Delusion and its Beyond, Gabriela Camaly (EOL)

All Knowledge is Delusion and Delusion is a Knowledge, Liliana Aguilar (EOL)

Delusional Elaboration and Externalisation of the Object, Blanca Cervera (ELP)

Supplementing for Defects in the Universe, Aurélie Pfauwadel (ECF)


VIII. Dream, Real, Reality

Presentation, Sophie Marret-Maleval, plus-one (ECF)

Orientation by the Dream and Not by the Desire to Sleep, Débora Rabinovich (EOL)

Nothing is Without a Real, Oscar Ventura (ELP)

If Everyone Is Mad, Sergio Sabbatini (SLP)

Between Reality and the Real: 

Saving the Clinic that Awakens from the Dream, Raquel Cors Ulloa (NELcf)


IX. The Norm and the Abnormal

Presentation, Alberto Murta, plus-one (EBP) 

From the Male Norm to a-Normality of One, Victoria Horne Reinoso (ECF)

The Bell-curve of the Normal, Nicolás Mascialino (EOL)

Beyond the Norm and the Abnormal, Xavier Giner Ponce (ELP)

“There Remains the School…”, Susana Strozzi (NELcf)


X. Consent and Freedom

Presentation, Sergio Caretto, plus-one (SLP)

A Margin of Freedom, Silvia Salman (EOL) 

Freedom, Gelindo Castellarin (SLP)

Consenting to Becoming Sexuated, Inga Metreveli (NLS)

Transmissible and Untransmissible, Marcia Stival (EBP)


XI. Incroyance, Croyance, Certitude

Presentation, Marina Recalde, plus-one (EOL)

Believing In Her, Irene Dominguez (ELP)

Certainty: Compass of the Real in the Clinic, Fernando Casula (EBP) 

Identity, Between Delusion and Certainty, Pascale Fari (ECF)

An Approach to Unglauben, Mackling Limache (NELcf)


XII. Identity and Identification

Presentation, Maria Silvia Hanna, plus-one (EBP)

The Concept of Identification and the Modification of the Composition of Identity, Paula Ramos Pimenta (EBP)

Is Michelangelo Porn?, Omar Battisti (SLP)

A Quest for Permanence, Alicia Arenas (NLS)

Desegregative Identification, Adolfo Ruiz (NELcf)


XIII. Mentality

Presentation, Miquel Bassols, plus-one (ELP)

Mental Debility, Carlos García (NELcf)

Mentality and Jouissance, Daniel Cena (ELP)

Senti-mentality, Marga Auré (ECF)


XIV. “Pas folles-du-tout”

Presentation, Clara Holguín, plus-one (NELcf)

A Return to Feminine Erotomania, Damien Guyonnet (ECF)

In the Fault of the Phallus, a Jouissabsence, Bénédicte Jullien (ECF)

They Know That They Don’t Know, Anna Pigkou (NLS)

Body Event and “Not All Mad”, Fábio Paes Barreto (EBP)


XV. Continuist Clinic versus Discontinuist Clinic

Presentation, Mauricio Tarrab, plus-one (EOL)

A Clinic of Supplementation, Alfredo Zenoni (ECF)

The Continuity of the Pleasure Principle, María Victoria Clavijo (NELcf)

Continuous Clinic, Not Without Transference, Niraldo de Oliveira Santos (EBP)

The Continuist Clinic and Contemporary Symptoms, Teresa Colomer (ELP)


XVI. The Real of Mental Illness

Presentation, Francesca Biagi-Chai, plus-one (ECF)

Melancholia and the Real, Glacy Gonzales Gorski (EBP)

Remarks on Melancholia, Yves Depelsenaire (ECF)

Holophrase Debility, Gerardo Battista (EOL)

The Real of Mental Consistency, Ram Mandil (EBP)


XVII. Depathologisation

Presentation, Silvia Baudini, plus-one (EOL)

Wild Depathologisation and Analytic Singularity, Daniele Maracci (SLP)

The Profiled Man, Marie Laurent (ECF)

Everyone Is Debilitated, Mathieu Siriot (ECF)

In Favour of Pathos, Silvia Ons (EOL)


XVIII. Styles and Personality

Presentation, Jean-Louis Gault, plus-one (ECF)

Kipling’s Cat, Valeria Casali (EOL)

The Elided Object, Oriana Novau Onrubia (ELP)

Being a Poem, Romain-Pierre Renou (ECF)


XIX. Discreet Signs

Presentation, Réginald Blanchet, plus-one (NLS)

The Paradigm of Ordinary Psychosis, Jean Luc Monnier (ECF)

The Discreet Logic of Diagnosis in Psychosis, Alessandro Arena (SLP)

The Three Uncertainties of Contemporary Adolescence, Valentina La Rosa (SLP)

Ode to the Clinic of the Discreet, France Jaigu (ECF)


XX. Not Just Anyone Can Be Mad

Presentation, Philippe La Sagna, plus-one (ECF)

Vou(loi)r, Tammy Weil (NLS)

Anyone can Transition?, Laurent Dumoulin (ECF)

Not Just Anyone Can Have a Body, Carla Fernandes (EBP)

Moments of Alterity:

From the Madness of All to the Nuances of the Delusion of Each, Gloria Sensi (EOL)


XXI. Science and Scientism

Presentation, Angelina Harari, plus-one (EBP)

Obscurscientism, Olena Samoïlova (NLS) 

Notes on the Mad Subject of Contemporary Science, Celeste Viñal (EOL)

Science and Delusion, Rogério de Andrade Barros (EBP)

“Evidence” – A Master Signifier of the Times, Alejandro Reinoso (NELcf)


XXII. The Neuronal Era

Presentation, Lieve Billiet, plus-one (NLS)

The Neuronal Era: Dissipation of the Unconscious, Edna Elena Gómez Murillo (NELcf)

Mind the Gap!, Francesc Vilà (ELP)

Brainwashing, Lucas Leserre (EOL)

Clarity of Imagery, Opacity of the Real, Omaïra Meseguer (ECF)


XXIII. Lacanian Action in Psychiatry

Presentation, Felix Rueda, plus-one (ELP)

The Dignity of Delusion, Virginie Leblanc-Roïc (ECF)

The Real Escapes the Neurosciences, Fabian Fajnwaks (ECF)

The Transparent, the Opaque, Marisol Gutiérrez (EOL)

Dissolution of Psychosis – Epidemic of Autism, Patricio Álvarez Bayón (EOL)



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